Professional Conference Interpreting Services vs. Amateur Interpreting

conference interpreting services

When you’re running an event, a meeting, or a conference, budget is always a concern.  It’s imperative to cut corners wherever you can– safely.  However, there are some areas where you want to procure the best options. Conference interpreting services are a prime example.  Below are 3 reasons why you should work with conference interpreting agencies when you’ll have event participants that don’t speak English.

1. Good, vetted conference interpreting services (like at Language Connections) isn’t as risky. When you bring in an amateur, you’re rolling the dice with how well they’ll perform.  Interpreting, especially conference interpreting, is a nuanced skill that requires training.  It also takes a kind of stamina and focus that a corporate interpreter practices and hones over the years.  It’s definitely not a natural or easy thing for anybody to do.  Being bilingual is just a base.  Interpreting is a skill!

2. A professional company interpreter makes it easy for everyone to participate. When some of your participants don’t speak English, this creates a huge barrier.  Professional conference interpreting services are tailored to the needs of your participants.  Language Connections frequently offers headsets and booths to make our services even more effective.  We also ensure that our interpreters are well-versed in the subject matter at hand, even if it’s something as complicated as rocket science!  Our interpreters come prepared to obliterate any linguistic barriers!

3. Amateurs aren’t always professional. A professional company interpreter is well-practiced in doing their work and maintaining a polished, neutral demeanor.  They understand to simply relay what’s being said, never adding any of their own opinions or context.  If you hire or engage an amateur to do your interpreting, you might wind up with conference interpreting services that, at best, muddle messages for your participants.  At worst, an amateur’s interpreting might even offend them!

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