Who We Are - Language Connections Vs. Other Translation and Interpreting Agencies

When looking into different translation and interpreting agencies, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is how are they all different? In a recent interview with Language Connections’ President, Leo Galperin, we were able to explore a little bit about who the Language Connections team is, and how we differentiate ourselves from other translation and interpreting agencies – mainly with a unique, client focused approach.

Who We Are - Language Connections Translation Agency

Video Transcript:

Interviewer: So we’re here today at a language conference and I’ve gotten the chance to speak with Leo Galperin – President of Language Connections translation agency – and get his insight on working in the language business.

So Leo to start, can you tell us a little bit about what makes Language Connections different from other translation agencies?

Leo: Certainly, for a number of years we’ve been a linguistic gateway for our clients. They came to us when they had complex needs. We, unlike many other translation agencies, before rushing to quote them a certain rate or a certain price, we try to understand their budget constraints, who their stakeholders are, who their target audience is, what is the overall scope of their project – and thus we became part of their planning process. We advise them on [the] translation and interpreting part. So that focus on the client makes us unique.

Language Connections’ Goal

The Language Connections team prides itself on being different from other translation and interpreting agencies by providing high-quality, client-focused, boutique translation services at a price you can afford. Our project managers provide individualized attention to all clients – allowing flexibility with budgets, time constraints and translation volume.

We aim to become a part of your project’s planning process, not just a service on the side like many translation and interpreting agencies. Our clients are not just provided with professional translation, but also with linguistic, cultural and technical advice relating to their documents and events. This ensures they are always confident in the multilingual aspect of their projects.

To learn more about how we’re different from other translation and interpreting agencies, contact a translation project manager today!


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