Portuguese Interpreting Services

Language Connections provides professional Portuguese interpreting services for medical, legal, business, education and many other clients. Whether you are hosting an international conference or multilingual event, conducting training for your overseas employees, or looking for an personal Portuguese interpreter to assist you at the medical appointment, court deposition or business negotiations, Language Connections provides a comprehensive set of interpreting services for any environment. We offer on-site interpreting, both consecutive and simultaneous, anytime and anywhere you need it. Telephonic interpreting and rental of interpreting equipment are also available.


Professional Portuguese Interpreters

Language Connections has a reliable network of professional Portuguese interpreters with strong background in life sciences, technology, law and related industries, providing both consecutive and simultaneous Portuguese interpreting services. Our Portuguese linguists have the experience necessary to guarantee that your message is conveyed with the utmost accuracy, considering the many varieties and dialects of spoken Portuguese.


Portuguese Consecutive Interpreting Services

Consecutive Portuguese interpreting is ideal for small-scale settings and face-to-face meetings where only two languages are being used (i.e. English and Portuguese).
It is most appropriate in smaller settings, such as medical and legal appointments, court hearings, one-on-one meetings, small groups such as training workshops, business meetings, interviews, press conferences, or teleconferences.
The speaker has to express one thought at a time and pause for the consecutive Portuguese interpreter to orally convey (translate) speaker’s message during that pause.
Extra equipment is usually not necessary, which makes this mode of interpreting convenient and cost effective.


Portuguese Simultaneous Interpreting Services

Portuguese simultaneous interpreting is perfect for large conferences and meetings as well as executive training programs. As this mode of interpreting saves time, it is preferred for large events in which a great deal of information has to be conveyed and two or more languages are involved.

Simultaneous interpreters generally work in pairs and will “translate” as the speaker speaks without interruption. Specialized equipment, such as interpreter booth, headsets and receivers, is almost always required to maintain seamless communication and can be provided upon request.
Please visit our interpreting equipment page to learn more about rental options.


Portuguese Conference Interpreting Services

Language Connections only works with high-profile Portuguese conference interpreters who have a proven record of outstanding performance. Our Portuguese interpreters are full-time professionals with post-secondary education in both pair languages and extensive interpreting experience at international events of all levels.


Portuguese Interpreters and Industry Expertise

Through years of experience providing Portuguese interpreting services, we have developed expertise in a vast number of areas, industries and subject matters including: technology and manufacturing, corporate and immigration law, healthcare and clinical research, education and e-learning, marketing and advertising.


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