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You may be familiar with translation services, but what about language localization services? Language localization is a process used to completely format text, presentations, and even software for use in another culture. From medical devices to television ads, localization is necessary to ensure your message fits seamlessly within the culture of your target market – Language Connections knows how to do just that.

Language Localization Services - Language Connections Translation Agency

Video Transcript:

Interviewer: So a lot of people know about translation, but can you tell us a little bit about localization for things like marketing materials, websites, stuff like that?

Leo: Certainly, we do a lot of website localization nowadays, and much of it is marketing material. And usually [the] localization process consists of two components – translation per say and software engineering. We have [a] very good software engineering team, and we are very happy with them, but the most challenging part of it is translation. Translation for instance and localization for marketing materials – everything has to fit [for the] target audience, not be a direct translation of [the] English source as it is often the case in technical translation. So we often call it recreation.

So we re-create, or transcreate, instead of translate materials from English into [the] target language to avoid costly and funny mistakes. Like for instance that story about General Motors that was selling Chevy Nova years ago in Spain, [and] in Spanish speaking countries, without consulting their linguists. And those who know Spanish would have told them that “no va” is “no go” for a brand name.

Interviewer: Didn't work?

Leo: Indeed.

Why Do You Need Language Localization Services?

Have you ever experienced a time where you interacted with a language that was read from right to left instead of left to right? How about a situation when you’ve asked for the time in a European country, and were confused when you were given a response of 13 instead of 1pm? These are both basic examples of why language localization, and localization services in general, are necessary to prepare text for integration and easy use in international markets.

Other examples of when language localization would be necessary are;

  • To adapt your target language to foreign idioms or sayings
  • To increase the space needed on your website to accommodate languages with longer words or characters
  • To prepare the software functionality and text of your device, app or website for its roll out in an international market

And so on.

Language localization is a complex process, often involving trained linguists and cultural experts, as well as programmers and engineers. It’s therefore, important to make sure you have a partner you can trust by your side throughout the whole process – with over 20 years of experience in the localization industry, Language Connections aims to be that partner.

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