Is it Time to Translate Your Website?

translate your websiteWebsite translation can seem like an unnecessary cost for your business.  There are other items that you can easily see a direct ROI from, like a new hire, new equipment, or new tools for your employees.  But there are times when site translation services are your best instruments for growth.  Read our questionnaire to see if it’s time to translate your website!

1. Do you have international customers?  If so, it’s time to translate your website!

This might be obvious, but many businesses put off website translation services if they’re already communicating with their clients in other ways. Consider your website your calling card, though.  Even with existing customers, a website is a powerful way to forge a lasting connection.  You can make them aware of new services or products; or advertise sales.  You can also tell them when you win awards or open new offices or storefronts.  If your website isn’t in a language your clients can read, you’re missing the opportunity to do any of these things!

2. Do you have a minority population in your local market that speaks a different language?  If so, it’s time to translate your website!

Professional website translation will help you reach this new customer base.  Why ignore so much potential growth right in your backyard? Speaking to this population, directly in their language, is a great way to expand your business’s bottom line.

3. Do most of your business leads come from online? Then it’s time to translate your website!

If you’re already getting significant business from one language, imagine what will happen if you get web translation services to speak to other markets? Find a whole new base of customers when you translate to their tongue.  Then find an expanded bottom line to your business, too!

4. Were you thinking of doing this project with an amateur or friend?  Then it’s time to translate your website—with a professional company!

The web is full of examples of terrible website translations. This is a true tragedy for a business.  A poor translation is easy to achieve when you use an amateur or worse, a friend who is merely bilingual.  You need somebody who knows industry vocabulary, can use a smooth tone that mimics the voice of your business, and somebody who is well-practiced in translation and the technical elements of the process.  Mistakes on your websites are like blemishes on the face of your company.  Why risk this embarrassment?