Telephonic or Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) services are quickly gaining popularity. The fast growth of this service is testimony to its effectiveness. In an effort to gain access to skilled interpreters when on-site interpreting is not possible, as well as reduce costs, many industries such as healthcare, customer care centers, and government services, are turning to telephonic interpreting.

Available 24 hours a day
In more than 200 languages

 How does the telephonic interpreting work?

telephonic interpreting servicesWe can have your account set up in two business days and provide you with a phone number and a personal code to access our interpretation services.

We have telephonic interpreters from all over the world available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once you dial the number and the code, the interpreter will join the conference call within 30 seconds.

We provide this interpretation service in more than 100 languages.


Medical appointments

Customer support

Telephonic Interpreters

Thanks to Language Connections’ telephonic interpreting services, you and your company are equipped to conduct business in any language at the touch of a button. Professional interpreters are available at your request for any subject matter including legal, medical, government, business and travel industries.
Should your needs progress to a face-to-face meeting, Language Connections is ready to provide on-site interpretation services as well.
Contact one of our Project Managers to discuss your requirements, i.e. dates, languages, subject-matter, and other details.