Why do universities need conference interpreting agencies?

Universities are hubs for cross-cultural encounters and global thinking. They not only host a student body from around the world, but they also offer numerous global events throughout the year and work hard to attract international students and donors. To handle all these goals, universities benefit greatly from using conference interpreting agencies like Language Connections.

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Conference Interpreting Agencies for Better Conventions

Language Connections can offer Interpretation services tailored to a University’s seminar, forum, etc.  For many academic summits or graduations, conference interpretation services are needed for speakers as they deliver a presentation.  In this case, conference interpreting agencies will provide a company interpreter specialized in simultaneous interpreting, so that the speech is translated at the same time as the speaker talks.

In cases where the conference setting involves interviews or a Q&A session, conference interpreting agencies will provide consecutive interpreting services. For this kind of service, the speaker will talk for a bit, followed by a pause for the interpreter to translate the message, then the process is repeated.  Of course, this works especially well for a forum in which multiple speakers are engaging with each other.  Interpreters who provide consecutive interpreting services are used to allowing for the natural pauses and back-and-forth needed in conversation.  Beyond the logistics of a colloquium or forum itself, conference interpreting agencies can offer a corporate interpreter to help handle the logistics of inviting and hosting lecturers, performers, and professors from different countries and backgrounds.

Expanding University Outreach

Conference interpreting services aren’t just helpful for conferences, they can also facilitate corporate interpreters to connect the school with non-native English speakers who are important to its operations.  Perhaps there are meetings involving board members or major donors from different countries.  There are communications with people from the local community who might not speak English.  Then there are liaisons with international high schools and colleges in other countries who might feed students to the university. Conference interpretation agencies supply corporate interpreters who gracefully bridge the gap between the school and these important people.

Conference Interpretation Agencies to Serve Your Students and their Families

There are plenty of events a university or college might put on that could be in just one language.  However, if you have international students and they and their families are non-native English speakers, these events might not be accessible.  Consider using conference interpreting agencies for your graduations, convocations, awards ceremonies, and other similar events.  Students and families that can fully participate in all the important parts of university life feel connected to their schools.  That connection is imperative during a student’s education and after.  It’s worth noting that alumni and their families will be more likely to continue to support the school if they felt truly connected to it during their tenure.

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