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Language Connections is a long term provider of legal and intellectual property translation services for clients including DLA Piper, Mintz Levin, Konowitz & Greenberg, Lowenstein Sandler LLP, Patentbar International and more. We cover IP translation services not only for the Legal Industry, but also for the fields of Advanced Technology, Life Sciences, Business and more.

Our Intellectual Property Translation Services Include:

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  • Patent Translation
  • Trademark Translation (for registrations)
  • Copyright Translation (for registrations)
  • Licensing & Outsourcing Agreement Translation
  • Technology Transfer Document Translation

And More

With over 25 years providing legal translation services, our team of professional ip translators are experienced in both the legal industry and terminology, as well as ip translation services for any documents law firms may need for intellectual property filings and disputes.

Who Performs Your Intellectual Property Translation?

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Our professional IP translators are highly educated and well-versed with legal terminology in both the source and target languages, allowing us to deliver the highest quality translations. An experienced project manager will be overseeing your individual translation project from beginning to end.


Additionally, your IP translation projects are assured to have the most accurate translations possible due to our quality assurance process. If it is necessary, an IT manager will review all technical requirements of the project to properly prepare the files you provide for our translators. Once translated, the IP translation document is edited and proofread for accuracy, consistency, style and more to ensure the quality of the final product. Upon request, we can provide a back-translation to verify correct translations, which is required in some industries, and the original and back-translation are reconciled.


Language Connections offers intellectual property translation services in over 100 languages, so no matter which languages you are faced with, we can have your translated documents available in time for your legal proceedings. We also provide services for all other types of corporate and legal documents.

Our IP Translation Services Cover the Following Languages:

  • Arabic Translation
  • French Translation
  • Chinese Translation
  • German Translation
  • Italian Translation
  • Japanese Translation
  • Korean Translation
  • Portuguese Translation
  • Russian Translation
  • Spanish Translation
  • Turkish Translation

And More

Why Do You Need Intellectual Property Translation?


When dealing with patent filings from or in foreign countries, having perfect translations is vital. Without them, your IP documents may not fully protect your work. Simply being bilingual is not sufficient to properly perform intellectual property translation. Legal, and specifically IP translators, must have extensive experience and knowledge about all legal and industry-specific terms used in the documents to ensure that they are fulfilling their purpose and adequately protecting clients’ ideas and interests.

About Language Connections:

Language Connections is one of the top language service companies in the US. Over the last 30 years, we’ve focused on providing the best business translation services, interpreting services, as well as interpreter training and customized language training programs. In addition to top-tier corporate language training, we offer certified corporate interpreters and professional business translation services in 200+ languages. Our network includes linguists with backgrounds in all major industries. They’re ready to meet your needs, whether they’re for technical translation services, legal translation, government translation services, international development translation services, education translation services, life sciences translation, or something else. Reach out to us today for a free quote on our cost-efficient and timely translation services, interpreters, or other linguistic services.

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