Industry Specific Language Training

Do you or your company need English Language training solutions?  We offer language training tailored to your company and industry needs.  Our ESL courses won't just improve you or your employees' English.  These classes accelerate careers and grow businesses.

Customer Service English, Industry Specific

Check out Language Connection's ESL programs for customer service.  We equip graduates to answer clients’ questions, address requests, processing payments, answering phone calls etc. LC offers classes tailored to every specific industry.

Business English

Did you know that there are communication nuances in business settings around the world? Read how Business English Training courses can enable you to gracefully handle the customs of different cultures alongside business English vocabulary!

LEP construction workers are held back from achieving their full potentional, but more importantly, they may be at risk for on-the-job injuries! If you're a construction worker whose English skills could use improvement, or if you're employing a workforce with limited English skills, read more about our English for Construction Workers courses!

English for the Hospitality Industry

Whether your job is to take reservations or clean the hotel rooms, our ESL programs for hospitality can help you learn a base of English that allows you to communicate better with guests, answer their questions, and handle their complaints.

English for biotech companies

Language Connections offers a customized ESL program for Biotech companies.  Students will learn about vocabulary relevant to the Biotechnology Industry, as well as practice writing emails, reports, and other necessary documents  in Biotech.

English for pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical English Language Training 

Looking to grow or begin your career in the pharmaceutical industry? Consider our English for the Pharmaceutical industry classes.  We focus on building a strong base of pharmaceutical industry vocabulary, as well as practicing important written and verbal skills needed for meetings, presentations, reports and emails.

English for finance and banking

English for Banking and Finance

This language training program will prep students to communicate better with clients, coworkers, and supervisors in financial services.  Participants will build the vocabulary and confidence to do things like give loan advice, write a stock market report.

English for Healthcare

Language Connections' Medical ESL program was specifically developed for doctors, nurses, scientists, physical therapists, and other medical and healthcare professionals who are seeking to polish and perfect their professional English language skills. Read on to decide if this program is right for you!

Language Training for Home Care Workers

Home care is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. today. Take your career to the next level by becoming a multilingual professional with healthcare interpretation skills and healthcare translation skills.  Consider our course for English for home care workers.

English for IT professionals

Our English for IT Professionals program prepares students for IT-related tasks like explaining computer problems to end users, discussing website design, conversing with coworkers and managers about programming languages, and more.

English for Oil and Gas Industry

Check out our ESL program for LEP employees in the oil and gas industry.  In English for oil and gas, we focus on vocabulary related to oil and gas exploration and production, as well as oil and gas drilling equipment.

english for project managers

English for Project Management

This language training program prepares students to communicate better with coworkers, clients, vendors, and managers.  English for project managers helps students build written and spoken confidence for planning and initiating a project, assigning project tasks, managing projects across borders and resolving conflicts.