Clinical Research Translation Services

For over 20 years Language Connections has been providing expert clinical research translation services for the medical industry. We supply multilingual support to major pharmaceutical companies and CROs, as well as numerous biotechnology and medical device firms around the world. Among our clients are Roche, CHDI, The Progeria Foundation, and Parexel.

As clinical trials increasingly go global, companies are seeing reduced costs, higher patient enrollment and opportunities to collect data from a varied ethnic pool. With this comes a pressing need to understand and comply with varied and evolving international regulations.

Our clinical research translation services are designed to ensure:

  • More effective patient recruitment programs
  • Flawless regulatory submission
  • Error free packaging and labeling
  • Enhanced global communication
  • Mitigated risks
  • Timely IRB & EC review
  • More effective patient recruitment programs
  • Flawless regulatory submission
  • Enhanced global communication
  • Mitigated risks
  • Error free packaging and labeling
  • Timely IRB & EC review

Our Clinical Research Translation Services Include:

Clinical Research Translation - Document Translation
Document Translation

Language connections offers textual, audio and visual translations for all stages of clinical research. We cover preliminary outreach, patient recruitment, regulatory approval of documents, safety reporting, as well as post-trial communication with the participants, and include clinical trial translation for the following documents:

Clinical Research Translation - Linguistic Validation
Linguistic Validation

Language Connections recognizes linguistic validation and cultural adaptation as essential parts of a clinical trial process. We specialize in linguistic validation of Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs), Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) and Quality of Life Patient Questionnaires (QoLs) as essential parts of a clinical trial process.

It is often required that CROs perform back translation, cultural adaptation and harmonization of the patient responses, to ensure accuracy and consistency across languages.

Our specialists have the in-depth expertise to guarantee that your materials will be culturally and conceptually equivalent in all languages, and that you will be in full compliance with regulatory authority requirements.

Interpretation Services

Some clinical trial processes require the assistance of trained linguists on-site or via remote connection to aid in communication. Language Connections provides certified interpreters for informed consent interviews, patient meetings, investigator meetings, and other instances where direct, oral communication with LEP individuals is needed.

Clinical Research Translation - Quality Control
Regulatory Compliance and Quality Control

Compliance with strict international regulations creates an urgent need for precise clinical trial translation, completed with an up-to-date knowledge of the industry and global markets.

Language Connections works with linguists who hold advanced degrees in Life Sciences and medical fields to meet the highest quality standards of clinical research and trial demands.

Our translators follow distinct and strict methodologies for each document to ensure accuracy and proper layout.

CROs conducting clinical trials internationally have to conform to the requirements of the FDA, EMEA and other regulatory organizations and ethical committees.

Regulators require that the patient recruitment materials, Informed Consent Forms (ICF), clinical protocols and other documents be in a language that is clearly understood by the people participating in the clinical studies.

We have provided expert multilingual support to CROs, translating product labeling, clinical trial documentation, patient recruitment materials, as well as marketing and legal documents.


Language Connections understands that medical and legal materials relating to clinical trials need to be kept secure. We provide our clients with a quality assurance program that guarantees confidentiality, and provide NDAs and secure client portals to ensure maximum security.

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