Does Your Company Really Need Brochure Translation Services?

brochure translation services

In the digital age, you may wonder if your company even needs brochures at all.  When a website is your calling card, your marketing, and sometimes even your storefront, wouldn’t you just be better off getting website translation instead of brochure translation?  And if you’re not even sure it’s worth creating, why translate your company brochure?  The truth is, brochures are a great tool, especially in the digital age.  Scanning or creating a digital version of your brochure makes a great accessory for sales emails.  You can attach a copy of your brochure when emailing a prospective client.  You can also attach a copy of your brochure to the relevant pages of your website.  Clients can easily download it and share it with bosses and colleagues.  With all of this in mind, you definitely want to consider brochure translation services to make this tool even more powerful!

Why Professional Brochure Translation Services?

Firstly, why do you need to use professional business translation services for your brochures?  If you have a bilingual employee or friend of the company, can’t they pinch hit?  The short answer is no.  Amateur translation frequently creates problems.  If your material is technical, or even just industry-specific, you’ll want corporate translation services from a trained professional who knows the correct vocabulary.  Additionally, there’s the problem of idioms, language tone, and cultural references.  When you’re using top notch brochure translation services, there’s no danger of a gaffe in the form of mistranslated phrase, cultural faux pas, or overly stiff or inaccessible language.

They Lead to Two Kinds of Growth

So, if you’ve decided to use brochure translation services, here’s where it can expand your company’s growth: in local markets and global markets.  In local markets, a professional translator can make your brochure accessible to minority populations that don’t speak English (or whatever the main languages are).  These populations still have money to spend, but are frequently left out of marketing efforts.  Consider them a greenfield for your business– especially if you take the time to use brochure translation services to appeal especially to them.  It will win a lot of customer loyalty and interest.

In global markets, brochure translation services can obviously help you expand to new customers outside your country.  New growth doesn’t have to be contained to your home country.  Why not make the world your oyster and find new customers across oceans, too?!  Considering the fact that exchange rate may even work in your favor, new global customers could be the key to some pretty explosive growth!!