Does Your Company or Organization Need an Interpreter for Meetings?

Do you ever have meetings with coworkers, partners, or prospective customers that do not speak your language proficiently– or at all? Especially when you’re having an important meeting, nobody should be misunderstood. Hiring a corporate interpreter can help to ease the language barrier and ensure your meetings go smoothly, no matter how many languages are used!

interpreter for meetings

What are the benefits of an interpreter for meetings?

Conference interpreting services can help to establish a sense of trust at your event. When planning a meeting that will require interpreters, you’ll need to decide which type of interpreting will be best: consecutive interpreting services or simultaneous interpreting?

On-site interpreters help your guests feel comfortable and show that you care about their needs, fostering the perfect environment for new opportunities. You can also help to establish loyalty by providing translated documents or conference materials.

When do I need an interpreter for meetings?

interpreter for meetingsFor smaller events like interviews, teleconferences, court hearings and face-to-face meetings, where only two languages will be used, consecutive interpreting services are a good fit. When a natural pause or break in conversation occurs, a company interpreter will jump in to provide a verbal translation and keep the meeting flowing smoothly.

Savvy business owners and managers also hire interpreters for employee trainings for workers with limited English proficiency. Attendees will be able to comprehend clearly, empowering them to ask questions and make the most of the meeting time.

The expertise of an interpreter can keep the tone of the room calm and stress-free. It’s crucial to keep in mind that quality on-site interpreter services take time. Blocking out double the time you usually would will keep the meeting from feeling hurried.

For bigger multilingual events, simultaneous interpreting is recommended. This mode allows speech to be interpreted as it is spoken, so as not to disrupt the flow of a speaker. It is ideal for conveying a lot of information quickly and between more than two languages. Generally, simultaneous interpreters work in pairs, and sit in a soundproof booth with video feed of the speaker playing. Specialized equipment is almost always needed in these situations.

When selecting an interpreter for meetings, you will want to make sure that they are subject matter experts in your field, as well as proficient with the target languages. Language Connections has been providing expert language interpreters and language interpreting services worldwide for over 20 years.

No matter your industry or the type of meeting or event you’re organizing, Language Connections can help.

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