Do you need a website translation company?

Companies often spend a large amount of money and time creating a website that will have engaging content. However, at the same time, they might neglect one of the most significant aspects: language. Besides translating the written text of your website, there are images, brochures, infographics, or whitepapers that will need to be translated as well and might get overlooked.  Employing a professional website translation services provider ensures that potential customers visiting your website will appreciate your messaging—no matter what language they speak.  On the other hand, hiring a website translation company can be a significant investment. Here are 4 questions you should ask yourself before deciding on whether you will hire a website translation company for your business.

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4 Questions to ask yourself before hiring a website translation company for your business

1. Are you planning to use a bilingual employee or friend of the company instead of a website translation company?

Being bilingual doesn’t necessarily make you a translator.  Translation is a skill that takes time, and often education, to master.  Trusting your website translation to someone that is not a professional will give you lower quality results…and who wants a ‘lower quality’ website? While having one of your bilingual employees translate your website content might seem like a more affordable alternative, the reality is that a professional site translation services provider will do things perfectly the first time, enhancing your business’s image, not hurting it.  This will end up being less expensive both in terms of time and money.

2. Is the content of your website technical?

Any content you have on your website is a reflection on your business. Consequently, an erroneous translation will jeopardize your credibility and reputation. If the content of your website is more technical or complicated, that makes its translation even more challenging. Choosing a professional website translation provider that knows the proper technical terms you’ll use on your website is paramount.  Language Connections can help you do this!

3. Are you aiming to expand into new international markets?

Expanding into a new market gives your company a competitive edge. Choosing the right markets and accurately translating your website into multiple languages is not an easy task that should be left up to amateurs, though. An incorrect translation can have an adverse effect on your goal at establishing your company in a new market. Professional website translation makes your website visible to a totally new audience and accessible to a plethora of new potential customers that you would probably be unable to reach otherwise.

4. Are there any non-native speakers within your region?

Giving consumers the option to read your website content in their native language leaves the impression that you value their wants and needs. English might be an international language, but the vast majority prefers reading in his/her native language. Accordingly, hiring a company that provides translation and localization services can help you reach all these potential customers!

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