English for Software Developers

Java, Python, Ruby and C# are all crucial tech skills for software developers or computer programmers.  However, even if you have some (or all) of these languages, you may still be missing an equally crucial skill: intensive business English and basic English communication skills.  Instead of picking up another hot new programming language, you might be more successful if you took English for Software developers with Language Connections!

Time to learn English for Software DevelopersEnglish Language Training: the Next Big Trend for Software Developers

When you work as a software developer at a multinational corporation, a foreign corporation, or a company that liases with English-speaking stakeholders, then learning English corporate language is key to your success.  English will obviously make it easier to communicate with important players in your work:

  • Coworkers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • End Users

Learn English for Scrum and Agile

A programmer who adds English for business to his arsenal of languages can do more than just contribute to their employers’ code and databases.  The days of the uncommunicative, heads-down coder are long gone with the de-popularlization of Waterfall.  This means any programmer worth his salt can communicate well in more than just code– they need strong English, too!  A software developer who learns business English and basic English communication skills will be better equipped to participate in the Scrum and Agile-heavy cultures of many software development lifecycles.  They can speak and listen confidently in meetings (especially those daily standup meetings.)  They can also write emails and talk to coworkers, clients, end users, etc. over the phone.


English for Software Developers is great for your career!Learn English for the Future of Your Career

Beyond your current job, learning business English will also help you in the future.  Having that under your belt will place you in company with some of the most highly sought-after candidates in the tech job market.  Some software developers may be fluent in Perl or Ruby, but nothing is more universally valuable than English!  It’s the second largest native language in the world and countries that speak English create nearly 40% of the world’s GNP.  Speaking English entitles you to a piece of that very, very big pie!


If you’re really serious about picking up English competently and quickly to advance your software development career, you may want to consider taking business ESL courses for a more hands-on approach for English comprehension and language traning.  Language Connections has over 20 years of experience, thousands of satisfied clients, and offers customized ESL programs for Software Developers.  Customized ESL programs will help them communicate effectively with coworkers, clients, or vendors.  The course will give you the ability to communicate across departments with confidence via reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.  It will include:

  • Technical language developers need
  • Vocabulary and grammar necessay for programmers to be a able to talk about every part of their job
  • Business communication skills required for anyone in the global economy
  • Topics like delivering presentations, writing emails, or speaking in meetings
  • End Users


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