What is Business English Communication, and Why is it Important?

Business English Training

Business English training is a great way to learn business vocabulary and industry-specific terms common to the English-speaking corporate world that one may be unaware of otherwise. English is becoming an increasingly dominant corporate language for companies all around the world. It has, thus, become imperative to learn what is known as business English Communication – or the specific oral and nonverbal techniques needed to understand and utilize when using the language in order to be successful in the English-speaking business world.

Business Communication Skills Include:

  • Giving Presentations
  • Making Sales Calls
  • Negotiating with Clients
  • Engaging in Business Meetings
  • Interacting with Customers


You might not think that communication in these settings is much different from communication in business settings around the world; however, different countries have different customs and as such, you will need to be aware of these alongside business English vocabulary. Let’s look at two examples of how proper business English training in communication can help in English speaking business environments in the United States:

Example 1: The Business Negotiation

Not all business is conducted in quite the fashion as it is in the United States – for one thing, people like to talk. This may not always be the case in other cultures, so being comfortable speaking directly to or with your American counterparts is a must – this not only includes knowing proper business English vocabulary common to negotiations, but also small habits such as maintaining eye contact while you communicate. Negotiation in the United States is often centered on legal matters as well, which is not always the case in other markets. Knowing that you will likely have to work with a contract is necessary, as is understanding how to speak about them to clients or counterparts. Negotiators in the United States are also quite impatient – you have to know how to speak quickly and clearly to maximize your chance of being successful.

Example 2: The Retail Sales Floor

Although it may not seem so, one of the most stressful work places can in fact be on the sales floor at a retail job – be it a clothing store, restaurant or accessory booth, these are spaces where the customer is king, and communication is a must. Shoppers in the United States like to get personal with the objects they are looking to buy – meaning handling them and trying them on – and they aren’t afraid to ask questions or complain if they aren’t receiving the service they want. Politeness is to be expected in all situations, as is an overly friendly attitude at all times. Not all communication is verbal, and business English training can teach you the importance of more subtle cues such as facial expressions.

Where to Receive Proper Business English Training in Communication

Business English communication skills are generally taught alongside English vocabulary in any business English course. When looking for business English lessons, it’s important to make sure that you will be taught by a native English speaker, familiar with the English speaking business environment, and also that you will be studying alongside a small group of people. A business English class with multiple students allows you to practice the oral and communication skills you’ll be learning, in a stress free environment.

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