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Why is Employee Handbook Translation important?


How does employee handbook translation ensure a safer workplace?

An employee handbook has many functions. It informs employees about the company story, core values, and policies. Nowadays, the number of companies expanding internationally has risen significantly.  Thus, it is inevitable that people who are not solely English speakers will be hired. Many companies assume that having their employee handbook in English is enough, since English is an international language. However, that is not true. There are many people who live and work in an English-speaking country but can only truly speak or read their primary language (i.e. not English).   With all of this in mind, employee handbook translation done by one of the many professional language service companies out there should become a priority for your company or organization.

Employers’ safety should be of high importance for any company. It is crucial to make sure your foreign workforce understands all the safety regulations and procedures in your employee handbook. To achieve that, you must translate your employee handbook into the languages your staff members speak. Here are 5 sections that you absolutely need translated in your employee handbook.


1. General Health and Safety policies in your employee handbook translation

Every company sets its own health and safety rules, which are determined by the type of services provided. For example, a construction company that provides electrical services should include guidelines regarding the danger of electricity in their employee handbook, such as how to protect yourself from dangerous electrical equipment.


 2. Avoiding Injuries with employee handbook translation

It’s important to have a section in the employee handbook with all the possible actions take to prevent any injuries or illnesses related to the work environment. The handbook should also include instructions for when an injury does occur.



 3. Cutting back workplace harassment and violence

Another part of the employee handbook is dedicated to the prevention and reporting of any harassment and violence issues. When you have your employee handbook professionally translated by a business document translation services company, you’re protecting your company from any litigation caused by an employee’s harassment or violence accusation.



 4. Employee handbook translation for equipment Instructions

You’ll need employee handbook translation services for a detailed explanation of the instructions for any equipment needed on the job.  Making these descriptions accessible in all languages ensures that operators never have an injury from improper use of equipment.



 5. Emergency management policies

You’ll want the best business translation services for your policy on company preparations and responses to unexpected phenomena like fire or flood. Corporate translation services companies can make sure that all employees, English-speaking or not, are ready for these events and that your company sustains as little damage as possible.

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