Accent Reduction

Three Reasons to Invest in Accent Reduction Training for your LEP Employees

Foreign or LEP employees in your companies might retain linguistic idiosyncrasies from their home country. Unfortunately, a strong accent might seem enticing in casual conversations.  However, it may quickly lose its charm when it leads to serious miscommunications in the workplace or worse, with clients. Read on to learn how Accent Reduction Classes are a worthwhile investment in your staff.

Why Should You Invest in Accent Reduction Training for Your Foreign Employees?


1. Improve your Employees’ Interpersonal Communication Outside the Office

Heavy accents hamper effective communication not only in the workplace but outside it as well. Foreign employees assimilating in new countries may have difficulty communicating with the local populace, be it with a grocery store clerk, the theater staff, or even their dentist. Enrolling them in accent reduction courses enables them to learn to embrace the native way of speaking, thus improving their overall quality of interpersonal communication outside of work. Accent reduction is a powerful tool to improve your employees’ quality of life outside the office. And as everyone knows, improving your employees’ lives outside the office will ensure they come to work happy,ready to focus, and they give their best.


2. Improve Their Ability to Climb the Corporate Ladder

A neutral or comprehensible accent can go a long way towards effective communication with upper management, clients, and coworkers in a corporate environment. It can also help employees perform better and take on more and more client-facing (or internal) responsibilities.  Offering your workers accent reduction programs from a reputable company, such as Language Connections’ Accent Reduction Training for Companies, will help empower your employees to perform better and advance in your company or organization.


3. Accent Reduction Training Improves Communication with Coworkers

If your foreign employees’ speech isn’t always clear to coworkers, frequent communication gaps (such as misinterpretation of dictation, important documents or presentations) occur.  These hinder the productivity of the entire office. This is especially true in industries such as journalism, law, and medicine, etc. where precise communication between employees is of utmost importance to ensure smooth day-to-day operations.  Accent reduction training enables your foreign employees to speak English in a clearer manner, eliminating the aforementioned problems in your workplace.

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