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How language service companies can help you implement e-Learning trends

Current eLearning trends are based on accessibility and technology. Naturally, multilingual training and eLearning translation services will improve the eLearning experience for students, organizations and academic institutions. Language service companies can enhance eLearning platforms’ effectiveness with multilingual chatbots, game-based lessons and adaptive video training.


AI and Learning Assistance empowered by eLearning translation services

Virtual teachers are being used in the eLearning space, they can predict learner behavior and have 24/7 availability. Artificial Intelligence and voice-guided bots will not only enhance the students experience, they can also respond to questions regarding technical support. Language service companies can help schools and organizations implement this trend by providing eLearning translation and subtitling for virtual teachers. Making these AI teachers bilingual, or even multilingual, will create an accessible and exciting learning process for all students!


Language service companies must play a big role in Game-based Learning

Although it may seem like video games stagnate the human brain, research suggests that gaming can have a positive effect on the brain regions responsible for concentration and visuospatial skills. Game-based learning that has been implemented in higher education has resulted in increased satisfaction and engagement of students. As institutions focus on engaging their students with gaming-oriented lessons, they will need education translation services so that these games are accessible for all students! If students are from different geographic regions, organizations and institutions creating gamified learning will also want to use e-Learning localization so the lesson is culturally appropriate too!


Language service companies for Video-based Learning for multiple audiences

A major part of organizational development is conducted via video-based learning with instructor-led training. For video lessons, corporate translation services can enhance accessibility for LEP students, with subtitles and voice-overs to support overall eLearning localization. Overall, video-based learning is expected to grow, (and ideally videos will decrease in load time). Providing clear and succinct training material will be easier with the expertise of language service companies who can translate your videos precisely.

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