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How Do Professional Translators Watch TV Shows?

Although it is true that sitting around all day watching TV is not a productive way to spend time, it can be very useful for a professional translator or anyone trying to master a new language. Entertainment is a practical way to stay in contact with a new language while acquiring new vocabulary and discovering new cultural references that will enhance international translators’ understanding of the language and culture.


Watching a TV show in a new language can help a professional translator familiarize the ear to the target language

While it is important to master the spoken word in a new language, it is equally necessary to practice listening and understanding. Watching a TV show in a target language can be useful for becoming familiar with new words and phrases, identifying humor, and practicing overall comprehension. Naturally, for this method to be effective, it’s important to commit to focusing on the goal: retention. One must watch the same scene multiple times to assimilate the new vocabulary or cultural references. It is certainly a fun way to integrate language learning for any professional translator, but it should be practiced as an active exercise rather than a passive activity.


Professional translators should watch a movie that they’ve seen multiple times and change the audio to the target language

Another way to learn a new language is to watch a movie that is dubbed to the target language. Since you already know what is being said, you’ll increase the retention and association process. Also, watching a movie with subtitles in the new language is a good way to see how professional translation services are approached in fast-paced dialogues. Furthermore, this tactic helps for practicing reading skills and grammar. Turning on the captions can be a useful tool for global translators to study the written word.


Professional translators can practice mimicking pronunciation by speaking along with the characters

Practicing aloud is the best way to listen to your own progress. The main focus in the beginning is to understand what the characters are saying.  However, eventually it is useful to begin imitating how they are saying it. By practicing aloud, you force the muscles to become comfortable with new pronunciations and sounds. Approaching this exercise like a provider of conference interpreting services is a good way to adopt the proper tone and inflexions. This method will significantly improve fluidity when switching to a new language.  It also allows the person to practice multiple times within their own comfort zone.

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