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How Can You Avoid Plagiarism for eLearning Translation?


Along with automated translation comes a new concern: translation plagiarism. Plagiarism from one language to another would be seem nearly impossible to detect. However, automated translation frequently results in poor sentence structure and even nonsensical phrases. For global translation services, ensuring the work of a professional translator is authentic and secure is one of the main priorities. As the internet provides a wealth of information at our fingertips, original ideas are becoming a rare encounter. The appropriation of others’ ideas seems to be reaching its peak. To handle this problem, companies are developing relevant tools to fend off plagiarism for those that provide professional education translation services— especially eLearning translation services.


The top 5 free plagiarism detection tools can help ensure your eLearning translation content is plagiarism-free while tracking how your content is being used:


1. Copyleaks: This cloud-based platform is divided into different sections for educational and business purposes. Each section addresses publishers relevant to each sector, such as universities for education and SEO agencies. Additionally, this platform has the ability to scan all Unicode languages and multiple file formats. Furthermore, by using the API tool, the user can search for plagiarized content all over the internet.

2. Plagiarism Checker: In order to check if others have plagiarized content, this platform provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the detection tool. By clicking “For authors,” you will have the ability to search whether your content was posted and receive a notification by email.

3. Plag Scan: This tool has a more advanced interface, making it ideal for eLearning translation businesses to integrate it into several Content and Learning Management Systems (CMS/LMS). The platform is entirely online, and it has various options for plagiarism checks, such as: entering a URL, directly pasting from the web, or uploading from a cloud storage.

4. Viper: This platform has a simple plagiarism detection tool that will check over 10 billion online resources, including journals, books and websites. This tool is available for everyone, not just global translators, on the Internet for free.

5. Dupli Checker: This is one of the most effective tools for eLearning translation services.  With a basic layout, Dupli checker enables the user to copy paste the text in the field or upload a docx or Text file.

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