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Top 3 Reasons Why Business English is Important for Your LEP Employees


Employees in the American workforce come from a multitude of non-Anglophonic countries. Teaching business English to your workers can be essential to creating a strong, effective workforce. Read on to find out some of the top reasons why business English is of the utmost importance for LEP employees in the United States.


3 Reasons You Should Invest in Corporate English Training for Your LEP Employees


1. Teaching Business English Will Raise Their Productivity

Using a reputed language services company such as Language Connections ensures that your LEP employees get the best language training available on the market. Language Connections’ Business English Program integrates business vocabulary and pronunciation techniques into the courses, which improves your employee’s presentation, telephoning, and negotiation skills. All of these skills directly assist in improving your LEP employees’ ability to be more productive in their daily activities.  This is especially true in white collar environments, where a certain level of formal communication is expected.


2. Business English Will Improve Their Social Wellbeing

A good work-life balance is a crucial aspect to the mental health and continued productivity of your workforce. Language barriers can be daunting to your foreign workers, especially when navigating life in a new country full of people who don’t speak their native language. Investing in a business English course not only teaches them business English skills, but also intercultural communication and social English.  Both of these are vital to having a quality social life and forging lasting relationships. If your LEP employees have a happy life in and out of work, they will be more inclined to give their best at work!


3. Learning Business English Will Improve Communication Between Coworkers

In most U.S. offices, English is the predominant spoken and written language. Investing in Business English classes for your LEP employees is a direct workplace investment. Not only does it make their written and spoken English more efficient, but also helps them acclimate to the prevailing workplace culture within your company. It helps them communicate better with their coworkers and ensures better problem-solving and coordination in team-oriented tasks.

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