Oculus Requests Interpreters for Press Release

May 16, 2016 – Language Connections, a Boston-based translation and interpreting company,received a request for interpretation services, in partnership with ACCLARO, to cover live press events announcing the upcoming release of a major gaming company Oculus’s new technology.


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The press event was very high exposure, in part due to the huge reputation of the gaming company, Oculus, a subsidiary of Facebook. The company invited the press to come and try out their new virtual reality system, Oculus Rift, allowing them to play these futuristic games while speaking directly with the game developers themselves.




interpreters for press release 2

The press was composed solely of English-speakers, but there were two Japanese developers and one Korean developer present. As the press shifted from room to room trying out the games, interpreters were asked to provide Japanese and Korean interpretation while the respective developers talked through the actual game experience and gave tips to the press to help optimize their experience.
interpreters for press release 2

Due to the intimate setting, consecutive interpreting was used, and each developer was assigned one interpreter. The event lasted for two and a half days, allowing press members to play for extended periods of time while also gaining direct insight from the game developers.



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