Language Connections has over 15 years of experience delivering medical translation services for global pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biotechnology firms, and CROs. Among our many life science clients are Roche, CHDI, Parexel, J&J, Genzyme, AstraZeneca, Amgen and CHDI.

We can help you overcome the challenges related to ever-changing regulatory environments. As many research institutions and companies increasingly outsource and partner abroad, linguistic differences can create great barriers. Whether it’s sharing data, standardizing procedures, monitoring clinical trials or overseeing manufacturing facilities abroad, we can help to ensure that language is not an issue. We offer professional translation services for diverse Life Sciences industries:

Medical and Clinical Documents Translation

We translate documents throughout the life cycle of your product, from research and development to clinical trials and product labeling. In addition to accurate, quality translation, our expert linguists implement localization strategies to culturally adapt patient-related materials. We work with a variety of Life Sciences materials, including:

Patient recruitment materials

Clinical trial protocols

Patient surveys and diaries

Informed Consent Forms (ICFs)

Patient Reported Outcomes Forms (PROs)

Case Report Forms (CRFs)

Adverse Event Reports

IRB/IEC documentation

Patents and contracts

Scientific journal articles

Drug packaging and labeling

Manufacturing SOPs & Production manuals

Other marketing and legal materials

Instructions for Use (IFU)

Genetic testing

Pharmacology & Toxicology Reports

Linguistic Services for the Life Sciences Industry



We translate patents and contracts, PROs, ICFs, IFUs, Patient surveys and more.


We apply culture-specific standards and values to your product or document to ensure a natural fit with your target audience.


Where necessary, we help you design your product to be easily adaptable for other foreign markets and languages, saving you time and money on future translations.

Medical and Clinical Translators

Language Connections works with linguists who hold advanced degrees in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical fields. With excellent knowledge in your subject matter, we guarantee accurate and proficient translations of your documents.
Our linguists use cutting-edge translation-memory software, utilizing previous translations to guarantee consistency and integrity across all your projects. We know that in the life science industry, quality is not a luxury – it’s a necessity.

Cultural adaptation of medical and clinical materials

With increased outsourcing in the biopharmaceutical industry, choosing the right language service partner is a crucial factor. Selecting one with experience in a particular region and knowledge of the local translation requirements will save you both money and time.
We make sure that all the translated materials are not only precise but are culturally adapted for the specific target patient populations for which they are intended.

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