Many of our clients in Elementary and Secondary Education come from both public and private institutions from preschools and grades K-12 to high schools. They often require translation services for the educational materials ranging from multilingual lessons to online resources for parents with limited English proficiency. Our network of over 4,000 technically trained linguists and experienced project management staff have the necessary skills to understand and accommodate your needs.

Document Translation for Elementary and Secondary Education

We provide translations of the following documents:

  • Elementary or secondary school diploma
  • High school diploma
  • Term papers
  • Enrollment information
  • Records of final grades
  • Website translation and localization
  • Online form and materials
  • Textbooks and other teaching materials
  • Early development and education materials
  • Pamphlets and Guides
  • Online info for parents

Our Translators

Our translators have vast experience specifically in the education field, and understand the academic language in both the source and target language. As native speakers they are fully equipped to translate your documents both fluently and proficiently.

Our Interpreters

As more and more immigrants relocate to the US each year there are an ever increasing number of people who are unable to communicate effectively in the English language, and often require an interpreter to help them converse. Language Connections has worked with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on several occasions providing telephonic interpreters from Korean into English. With over 20 years of experience in interpreting we can help you communicate effectively in over 100 languages.

Our Experience: Stand for Children

Stand for children is an American education advocacy group that was founded in 1996 following a Children’s Defense Fund Rally. They have offices in major states throughout the US including Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Washington. Stand for Children has claimed over 100 state and local victories, affecting billions of dollars in public funding and the lives of nearly 4 million children and is currently in a strategic expansion phase, broadening its reach to states where it believes it can make the most significant difference for children at all levels of government.

Language Connections has worked alongside Stand for Children for many years, assisting them in communicating with individuals from all different cultures and backgrounds. We have provided Spanish interpreters each year for their annual summit, as well as providing the necessary equipment, such as microphones, sound booths, ear pieces etc. Translation has also been a big part of our on-going affiliation and we have translated into various different languages such as Cape Verdean Creole, Haitian Creole, Spanish and more. Their website was recently translated by Language Connections and is now available in Spanish also.

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