Famous Catchphrases - Jeremy Lin

6 Famous Catchphrases That Were Trademarked

While everybody knows that businesses must trademark slogans, logos, product names, and more, what about a celebrity trademarking their famous catchphrase? The word “catchphrase” translates with difficulty into other languages, as do the phrases themselves since often the original meaning is lost in translation. 

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British English vs American English - Difference in British and American English

Are You an English Bilingual? British English vs American English

In this increasingly globalized world, or should I say globalised, using the correct form of English is paramount. The population of the US is over 300 million whilst the UK is home to over 60 million people, therefore businesses must know the difference between British and American English.

As a native Brit living and working in Boston, I have had to adapt my English in order for the majority of my American clients and translators to clearly understand me. 

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Scientist's handshake over collaborative agreement

Do Language Barriers to Research Impede Scientific Advancement?

Language barriers to research interfere with scientific progress which is in turn highly dependent on international research collaboration. The role of language in science and research collaboration is undeniable, and increased globalization has created a greater need to translate scientific research and provide access to larger international audiences. By employing professional translators and interpreters, linguistic barriers to research can effectively be overcome.

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Corruption in India - Prime Minister Modi

A Rise in The Battle Against Corruption in India and in Sanskrit

Corruption isn’t a new phenomena; however, the modern fight against it is. In India, measures to control corruption have reached an extreme, with certain bank notes being banned. However, as the country progresses to a future without corruption, they are simultaneously looking to their past with language…

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Gender and Language - Cartoon Girl and Boy Painting Themselves Pink and Blue Respectively

Does Gender Determine Language?

In some languages it is common for men and women to use different lexical items to mean the same thing, so two words that effectively refer to the same idea or object are selected by the speaker based on their gender.

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Bilingual Education - Bilingual Classroom

The Rise of a Bilingual Education

Being bilingual provides several advantages, both personal and professional. The ability to speak and read in both languages on a regular basis is an important key factor to hone the skills necessary to stay fluent. For children and teenagers this means being exposed to two languages not only at home, but also at school – and a growing need for bilingual education programs. 

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Global New Years Traditions - Happy New Years Champagne

Global New Years Traditions Guide By Language Connections

Everyone in one form or another celebrates the New Year, some in January, others in February (Chinese New Year) or March (Persian New Year). Most Global New Years traditions involve some kind of typical feast. This year our international team at Language Connections shares their families’  New Year’s Eve traditions. Please share your traditions and we wish all of you a very happy and healthy 2017!

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