Color Meanings - Girl Blowing Pink Dust

Infographic: Considering Color Meanings when Localizing Your Brand

Consumers see them everyday - they evoke recognition and familiarity, and in some cases more concrete emotions like power, happiness, comfort, or even sadness. But how they make your customers feel in one market, won't necessarily translate into another ...
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Patent Machine Translation - Girl Chewing Bubble Gum

How Accurate Is WIPO’s Patent Machine Translation System?

The Word Intellectual Property Organization has expanded their patent machine translation tool - a neural machine translation software - to include ten languages for international patent research. Neural networks are considered the latest technological advancement in the translation industry, and we decided to test out just how accurate a patent translation the ...
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EU Update Medical Device Translation - Person Looking Through Microscope

Update on EU Medical Device Legal Framework

Earlier this summer the EU accepted a replacement for the existing medical devices regulatory framework (Medical Device Directive) with new guidelines (Medical Device Regulation), and new changes will also apply to In Vitro Diagnostic Medial Devices. The changes are due to apply in 2020 and 2022 respectively. The directives are being ...
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Patent Prosecution Highway & Patent Translation - Lit Lightbulb

China and Brazil Come To Agreement for New Patent Prosecution Highway

The IP5 offices (represented by the U.S. Japan, Korea, China, and the EU) are subject to thousands of patent applications a year. Backlogs in patent processing are prevalent both inside and out of the IP5. The need for patent offices to speed up processing have led to China and Brazil agreeing on ...
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Brazilian Life Science Industry - Peace Sign In Front Of Brazilian Flag

Understanding The Brazilian Life Science Industry

Already a leader in biofuels and agriculture, Brazil is poised to emerge as a leader in the life sciences industry as well. Driven by the nation's highly skilled scientific base, a growing middle class, and a growing and aging population, the South American giant is only a few steps away ...
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Citizenship By Investment Countries - Singapore

What Are The Global Alternatives To The EB 5 Visa?

Alleviating little uncertainty, the EB-5 program was once again extended through December of 2017. Though it was one of the first pieces of legislation to be signed by the new administration, the program has been under close scrutiny for quite some time; being dubbed a golden ticket for wealthy foreigners to ...
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Witches Around The World - Happy Halloween witch on broomstick

Magic and Witches Around The World

October is already coming to an end. Pumpkin spice lattes will be replaced with gingerbread lattes, Jack-O-Lanterns with Christmas trees and wreaths. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s not forget about Halloween, the true mark of the fall season commencing, and one of its most notorious figures: ...
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Multilingual SEO - Person on laptop looking at google analytics dashboard

Should You Stay True To A Language’s Form When Writing Multilingual Content?

A question was recently posed to Google's John Mueller about whether or not optimizing multilingual SEO content for users searching without special characters, in a language traditionally written with a certain script, would help rankings. His answer? No ...
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UK Transitioning Into The EU Unitary Patent System

The European Union's implementing of a centralized, uniform system for all participating EU member nations was left with a bit of ambiguity following uncertainty about the Brexit and Unitary Patent relationship. Now, however, the UK has ratified the Unitary Patent System. This system along with a Unified Patent Court are scheduled ...
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Diwali Celebration - Two Women Lighting Candles

Wishing You A Happy Diwali!

Nearly a billion people worldwide participate in the Diwali celebration and almost a dozen countries officially recognize it as an official holiday. Dozens of cities across the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK also have significant celebrations, dazzling both religious observers and casual passers-by. Despite the holiday’s increasingly global reach, many ...
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