Medical Translation - Doctor and Young Girl

Medical Translation Can Save Lives

Largely, the importance and need for professional interpreters or translators is still widely misunderstood. “What does a translator do?” “Are they really that important?” “People at my work speak different languages, so I don’t think we really need that kind of service” are all common questions and statements by people encountering professional ...
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Latinos and the Economy - English and Spanish Speaker

Latinos and the Economy: 3 Ways Latinos Drive US Markets

In the past 20 years alone, the Latino population in the United States has doubled from $27 million to $54 million, and it is estimated to double again by 2050. The relationship between Latinos and the economy is evident, as the growing numbers of individuals of Latino origin in the United ...
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Zohar Translation - Aramaic Writing

The Zohar Translation: Unlocking Jewish Mysticism

The Zohar is a group of books that include commentary on different aspects of the Torah and scriptural interpretations on Jewish mysticism. After nearly two decades the complete Zohar translation from Aramaic into English has been finished. The final volume will be released this coming May. But why does the Zohar translation ...
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Khmer New Year - Cambodian Dancers in Traditional Dress

Why is Khmer New Year Celebrated in April?

April 14, 2017 is the first day of the Cambodian New Year's celebrations. Distinct from the Chinese New Year, Cambodian New Year, or Khmer New Year, lasts for 3 - 4 days and is based on the traditional solar new year observed in parts of India and Asia, which coincides with ...
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Belgian Patent Translation Requirements - Belgian Flag In Front of Brussels Grand Palace

New Belgian Patent Translation Requirements Waive Language Conditions

The European Union's unitary patent system allows applicants to submit their patents in one of three official EU languages, French, English or German. However, recently changes were made to Belgian patent translation requirements regarding the submission of patent applications.  ...
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MIRA Immigrants’ Day - Immigrants' Day Announcement

MIRA Immigrants’ Day 2017 – Celebrating Boston’s Cultural Past

On April 5th, the City of Boston and the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA) are holding MIRA Immigrants' Day 2017, marking the 21st annual celebration. This day recognizes, celebrates, and promotes Boston's diverse past, and the people from around the world who have, and who continue, to contribute ...
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CE Mark Translation - EU Map With CE Mark On Top

CE Mark Translation: The Key to Medical Device Success in Europe

With a total annual healthcare spending of $1.94 trillion, access to the EU healthcare market is crucial to success in the medical device industry. But in order to enter this critical market, companies need to obtain a CE Mark certifying that their medical device has passed EU requirements. Moreover, all documentation ...
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Professional Translation - Man Looking Out Office Window

5 Reasons to Use Professional Translation Services Vs. A Bilingual Employee

So your company is looking to get some materials translated and you’ve been tasked with figuring out how to make that happen. The only problem is you have a few different people suggesting that there’s no point in finding professional translation services when you can just ask a bilingual employee ...
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Legal Grammar Rules - Keep Calm and Use Commas

How A Comma Can Change The Law

Grammar can have a great impact on how something is understood, or misunderstood. In the legal world, grammar can cost a case and money - hence the importance of legal grammar rules. When it comes to grammar and legal translation, the risks can be even higher. Language is powerful, but only if ...
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Philippine Miranda Rights Translation - 3 Young Girls

Application As the Foundation of Philippine Miranda Rights Translation Project

Constant migration and the ever rising number of international transactions call for taking new action in the legal sector - including law enforcement. In compliance with the International Human Rights Law, a Philippine Miranda Rights translation project was undertaken a few years back, headed by the Philippine National Police. The rights ...
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