Boston Translation Services - Faneuil Hall

Boston Translation Services: What to Expect

Searching for Boston translation services can be a challenging task. You must be prepared to put a significant amount of time and effort into this search to ensure you are choosing a reputable agency, and also one that provides translators specialized for your particular needs. Companies that have experience working with ...
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Translating Poetry - Happy Valentines Day

Translating Poetry For Your Valentine

On Valentine's Day we express our love and affection for others in many ways - be it through gifts, flowers, chocolates, or even poetry. But love poems in different languages that best express our feelings can lose their essence in translation. Luckily, professional translators skilled in translating poetry have been able ...
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Guanxi Corruption - JP Morgan Chase

Guanxi Corruption and JP Morgan’s $200 Million Fine

International business practices are complicated  - many times what's considered normal in one country is outlawed in another. Although the global community is moving more towards a universal standard for corruption compliance, one can still find big names coming under fire for breaking such rules. JP Morgan Chase's dealings with ...
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iraqi interpreters

Iraqi Interpreters Banned From The U.S.?

On January 27, 2017 President Donald Trump issued an executive order freezing the refugee resettlement program from seven predominantly Muslim countries, in an effort by the new administration to improve national security. But many with special visas, as well as those waiting on visas, were denied entry to the United States as a result. Among those ...
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Medical Devices in Mexico - Trump Shutting out Mexico and Canada

NAFTA, Mexico & Medical Devices

On January 1, 1994, NAFTA was put into effect, eliminating trade barriers including tariffs on more than one-half of Mexico’s exports to the U.S and more than one-third of U.S. exports to Mexico. With the recent election of President Donald Trump, we are anticipating changes in U.S. trade policies with Mexico, including imports ...
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Chinese New Year 2017 - Year of the Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year 2017 – Year of the Rooster

Chinese New Year 2017 falls on Saturday, January 28th. Each year in the Chinese calendar is associated with an animal sign according to a 12-year cycle which begins on the second new moon of the winter solstice. This year begins the Chinese Year of the Rooster. So let's say goodbye to ...
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Famous Catchphrases - Jeremy Lin

6 Famous Catchphrases That Were Trademarked

While everybody knows that businesses must trademark slogans, logos, product names, and more, what about a celebrity trademarking their famous catchphrase? The word "catchphrase" translates with difficulty into other languages, as do the phrases themselves since often the original meaning is lost in translation.  ...
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British English vs American English - Difference in British and American English

Are You an English Bilingual? British English vs American English

In this increasingly globalized world, or should I say globalised, using the correct form of English is paramount. The population of the US is over 300 million whilst the UK is home to over 60 million people, therefore businesses must know the difference between British and American English. As a ...
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Scientist's handshake over collaborative agreement

Do Language Barriers to Research Impede Scientific Advancement?

Language barriers to research interfere with scientific progress which is in turn highly dependent on international research collaboration. The role of language in science and research collaboration is undeniable, and increased globalization has created a greater need to translate scientific research and provide access to larger international audiences. By employing professional translators ...
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Corruption in India - Prime Minister Modi

A Rise in The Battle Against Corruption in India and in Sanskrit

Corruption isn't a new phenomena; however, the modern fight against it is. In India, measures to control corruption have reached an extreme, with certain bank notes being banned. However, as the country progresses to a future without corruption, they are simultaneously looking to their past with language ...
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