interpreting and soccer

The World Cup Anthem: Interpreting a Global Love of Soccer

When it comes to languages, English is king.  It’s the third most spoken language around the world – with an estimated 372 million speakers and it’s frequently designated as a ‘world language’ or the ‘lingua franca’ of the modern era.  Interpreting professionals often find they're using it as a target ...
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language personalities

Different Language, Different Personality?

Interpreting services find that multilinguals often discuss a phenomenon where people say they sound, or even talk and act, differently when speaking a second (or third, fourth, etc) language.  A Czech proverb says, “Learn a new language and get a new soul.”  Even if it’s not so deep as that, is ...
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translating Thai for business

Translating for Thai Consumers: Homophones, Puns, and Naughty Words

Did you know that in Thai, the word "poo" means "crab?" Or that "porn" also means "blessing?"  Did you know that the Thai language is full of puns that are integral to the country's culture?  Unexpected translations and quirks like this abound in Thai.   If you're doing business with Thai consumers, ...
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film translation

Dubbing or Subtitling: What’s Best for Film Translation?

Let’s say you need some film translation.  Your first step is probably to Google ‘translation company near me’.  Once you’ve picked the best translation company for you, what’s the best option to ask interpreter services to use?  Dubbing, or subtitling?  Here’s why translation agencies recommend one film translation technique or ...
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vacations for translators and interpretation fanatics

Cheap Vacation Ideas for Translators and Language Lovers: Visit Planet Word!

If you’ve ever used or worked for a translation company, or you're just a linguistics fanatic, you'll want to get your calendar out.  Planet Word, opening in Winter 2019, should be in your vacation plans next year!  The museum will offer various exhibits that people who speak all languages (and ...
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Old English Words - Venetian mask

11 Old English Words To Revive

Language evolves over time as a result of changes in society, influences from other languages, and technological advancements - the English language is no exception to this. However there are times when Old English words that have become obsolete can re-enter a language for everyday use. Thanks to one team of linguists research, ...
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International Trademark Infringement Cases - Shopping Mall in India

4 Blatant Examples of Brand “Borrowing” and Global Trademark Infringement

Trademark infringement cases are difficult enough to handle when they occur within a country’s borders, but dealing with infringement becomes more complicated across international borders. A company that's well- known globally may suddenly discover that their branding is in use internationally by independent businesses - and not by accident. We've collected 4 examples of blatant international trademark infringement ...
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Untranslatable Spanish Words - Woman looking over the top of her scarf

15 Untranslatable Spanish Words

Ever get that annoying feeling that you can’t find the exact word to describe something? While you might not have the right word in English, there are those in other languages that could do the trick...the catch is they are untranslatable words, and you can only use them in their ...
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Patient Centric Healthcare - Smiling doctor and patient

The Implications of a Patient Centric World

Trends in the life science industry point to patient centric healthcare as the revolutionary approach to medical treatment. This affects how everyone from pharmaceutical companies to patients are involved in providing medical solutions, and carries with it vast implications for incorporating language and cultural factors to ensure commercial success ...
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Global Business Language - Silhouettes of people speaking different languages

Should There Be A Global Business Language?

According to a 2012 poll, nearly half of executives at global companies believe language barriers negatively impacted cross-border deals and caused financial losses. This challenge is still very real today. How can companies competing across borders overcome these issues, and is a global business language the true answer? ...
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